AndTech Solutions. Whether you’re looking to free your data, build a business app, automate workflows, or keep your team on task, look no further.


Customized Technical Solutions

Imagine being able to connect your company’s data across all of your disparate apps, integrate the various tools that you are using, automate workflows and create visually amazing dashboards for you and your team. AndTechX customized integration solutions help businesses:

  • Manage people and data
  • Make decisions about the data being captured
  • Automate workflows
  • Integrate systems

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Integration at your fingertips

Your business is unique and our AndTechX Custom Technical Solutions allow you to quickly connect the disparate systems across your organization. This keeps your data useful as you are able to make decisions, not guesses. Most small businesses have an increasing number of apps to manage, and no easy way to access data when, where and how it’s needed. We take the time to understand why and how you do what you do in your business. Our AndTechX Custom Technical Solutions allow you to:

  • Connect all your data
  • Automate your workflows
  • Integrate your disparate systems

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Workflow Automation

AndTechX Custom Technical Solutions create workflow automations across your ecosystem of apps and tools by leveraging our ability to understanding your unique
processes and business logic.

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Scalable Solutions

Our AndTechX Custom Technical Solutions unlock the power of the amazing team that you've put together. We provide them with user-friendly tools to automate the tasks that they perform across all of your existing systems. As your company scales, our solutions scale and grow with you.

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